Classic triangle UFO over Santa Maria, California

Latest UFO sighting – Classic triangle UFO footage recorded in Santa Maria, California with a cellphone on 8th February 2010 around 7:10 pm. The object was seen by multiple witnesses.

“It was pretty wierd because there was other aircraft around it one almost crashed into it and the other helicopter was going towards the ufo but the helicopter turnd around and left.”
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  1. This is strange, as my 3 daughters and I saw a weird blimp like object in the sky on the 8th of Feb. I was going to call the airport to ask what it could be. It hovered sometimes, then took off to the southest. <br />Did anyone else see this?

  2. The blimp. Not sure what that is or was. Saw it work its way slow off the coast Orcutt to North no further than Cook street then just stayed theree.. Not over land but maybe near Guadalupe. It was well lit with no markings. Saw it again this last Sunday. I think… Not for sure it is that airship from LA that you can rent expensive tickest to take cruises over land etc. This is not the triangle

  3. This is NOT the first time the triangle ufo has hovered or been seen over Santa Maria California. It is becoming more obvious something is going on. On Jan 13th 2010 just after 8pm after a tv show, I went to take out the trash. I like looking at stars on a clear night and happened to look up. Saw a few planes in the air and then saw a slow not flashing but pulsing red light right over head. Quite

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