Cigar-shaped UFO over Andes

Recent UFO sighting – Daytime photos of some kind of cylinder UFO over Andes in Argentina taken in January 2010.

LUS 2010 – most recent Latest UFO sightings from all over the world. 2012?

Great Patagonian Mothership ovni photographed in mountains. Greys?
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  1. Hey, i remember this. This is not an UFO. I saw an episode on this on Discovery channel years ago and i remember it because it was really weird. <br /><br />These images and things in the sky are some creatures, they fly like that and they look like centipede but they don&#39;t have limbs like centipede. They have thin skin or something on its both side which is used for flying and looks like a

  2. I disagree. The things you are refering to are high speed creatures/objects called &#39;Rods&#39;.(Search web for &#39;rods&#39;) They don&#39;t look like this at all. This seems to be a proper structure. I photographed a similar object over Heathrow Airport last year. Rods are still unidentified by science and if they were simple insects we would have a difinative understanding of them, which we

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