Clear video footage of flying saucer in China

March 30, 2010 – Video footage has emerged of an alleged UFO hovering above a Chinese university.
The film shows a very clear classic flying saucer shaped craft hovering in daylight hours over Wan Li University in the port city of Ningbo. The video was filmed earlier this month by students at the university, and reports claim that there were many witnesses who saw the unidentified object.
Video and photographic experts are now studying the video to see if the object is genuine or just a clever CGI trick.

LUS 2010 – most recent Latest UFO sightings reports and evidences. Silver metallic flying saucer / disc-shaped object over China, Asia. Goverment.

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  1. A few observations:<br /><br />1. ufo looks very fake<br />2. Any ufo sighting filmed by students at a UNIVERSITY should be looked at very cautiously. I wonder if those students are majoring in film.. hmm?<br />3. The man in the cap never directly looks AT the object, but he does look in the general direction. Also, you&#39;d think he would be tilting his head upwards a bit more to see the object

  2. It matters little to me what the skeptics say. Some of us come from families that have a long history of contact and personal experience. I have no interest in convincing others, I know how long we have left before the truth can no longer be denied and it&#39;s not long. I&#39;ll keep my &quot;I told you so&#39;s&quot; until then. Don&#39;t get me wrong, fakes are all over the net but I&#39;ve

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