Friday, March 19, 2010

Daytime UFO over New Orleans

Latest UFO sightings - Some kind of UFO probe was photograhed over New Orleans, Louisiana on Wednesday, 17th March 2010 at 4:15 pm.

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My friend Greg Gomez and I were outside the Southhall dorms at the University of New Orleans at 4:15 PM. I began skateboarding on the sidewalk while Greg made a call. I then had the thought to scan the skies for a UFO. (I often scan the sky for anomalies so that I might increase the chances of actually seeing one.) Well, I got what I was looking for. As soon as I looked up, I saw what looked like a black circle floating in the sky. The object immediately caught my attention because of it's foreign appearance. The circular object was approximately half the size of a dime from my perspective and made no noise. I gazed at the object for a few seconds wondering what this object could be before I called out to Greg. After hanging up, Greg stood beside me and said "What is that?" The object then began moving down and to the right in an erratic motion. The flying object then moved in front of a cloud. This is where things really get strange. At this point, I thought the black on white contrast would give me a more defined visual of the object. However, the object seemed to be changing in shape. I felt as if my brain had a hard time grasping the true shape of the object. The object seemed to flatten out into an elliptical shape and even split in two at times, then coalesced in less than a second. Once the flying object moved past the cloud, it dissipated. Since it was St. Patrick's Day, we thought that this object could have been a huge balloon, but that doesn't really make sense if you consider that it moved down, changed shape, and then disappeared. 
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  1. funny cause I had my first sightings on march 13 around the same time frame ad yours 4:15! but I was in Metairie. I was in the back seat of a car driving down W. Esplanade and Transcontinental. The crazy thing is that I saw a second one while my boyfriend turned on my home street it freaked me out! it was literally on the side of the first one and it looked exactly like the one in your picture except it was more metallic looking then black. I'm so glad you post this because I've been searching for someone on the internet who might have seen the same thing I did in the New Orleans area plus it was daylight! but your sighting is four days after mine! I am so glad I'm not alone! Thanks

    PS: comment back if you want to exchange emails about our experiences your lucky you had a camera on you I wish I had mine.

  2. I'm not sure what I saw, but it definitely qualifies as "unidentified" and it was "flying". Not sure if it was an "object", however!

    As we were driving to the Algiers Ferry on April 11, 2010 my wife saw something very unusual in the sky. She asked me what it was (I'm understating her excitement) and I looked. I saw a very large round or roughly oval-shaped grouping of what appeared to be particles that faded in and then after a few seconds faded out again. I witnessed only two cycles of the formation appearing and disappearing - she witnessed it twice before getting my attention.

    We were on Franklin Ave in Gretna at 11 am when this occured, and the object seemed to be approximately over the Riverwalk area.

    When the particles appeared, it did not form a solid object - in other words, I could clearly see blue sky in between each particle. I would estimate that there were somewhere around 20+ of these "particles" in the formation. The formation changed position in between its disappearance and reappearance, by moving to the left.

    Weather conditions were ideal that day: a very clear sky, with no clouds at all in the area in which we were looking.

    I might not ever find out what it was, but I cannot think of any known explanation that makes sense. We tried.

  3. One if not both of these occurrences was the Goodyear Blimp. I've seen it several times in the past couple of months here in NOLA. As for the circle morphing into an oval... well that would be a blimp seen from behind and then turning. The "particles" changing could have been the giant plasma screen attached to its sides. The blimp is gray/silver, so in front of the the right color background could almost look invisible except for the plasma screen.

  4. Sorry thewordcrafter you are completely wrong. I am the one who posted the first comment. I know a blimp when I see one just as I know a plane and bird. What I saw in metairie was in fact a UFO very "unidentified" The reason I say this is because I didn't post the full story in the comments section but for FYI The thing that I saw followed along with us in the car then I saw a second one come up on the opposite side of the first and as we turned on my home street I saw a third object just come up behind the other two. A blimp ha I don't think so! I never seen blimps let alone three of them interact with each other. In fact I do know the Goodyear blimp that you are talking about and you can clearly see the shape and size of it. If you would like to read the whole story on what I saw I posted it on a forum called in the UfO section. It's titles "Holy crap I just saw a UFO"

  5. sorry I told you the wrong section to look under it's actually in the "Personal Experiences" section not the "UFO" one under "hOLy Crap I just saw a UFO today"

  6. this photo was taken in england and the object is a balloon i"ll say no more

  7. I believe last comment because there are not that many airiel antennas in one area like that anywhere in New Orleans. That point gives it away as a hoax.

  8. SOMETHING OUT THERE....I had seen for myself a flying object that lasted 5 seconds enough to make it out. May of 2013 at 10:16 as looking into the west over Kenner, Louisiana and lord and behold a round looking ufo silver on the bottom and om top it glowed like the color of a light bulb as it made no noise and the direction that planes do not fly.. I work @ the airpot I know the directions of the planes. I seen it as it was kinda tilted heading to earth then poof it vanished into then air...weird I though as I felt It as not suppose to show itself but did by I only got a 5 second glance enough to know there is something out there.


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