Orange Orb recorded over UK

Once more orange orbs from the light forces appeared yesterday on the sky at 6:55pm (the 1st one). The video has been recorded from my mobile and the music in the background was from my computer. (Chichester, West Sussex, England, 25/3/2010). The first orange light was flying from EAST to NORTHEAST meanwhile my brother was at the temple of Zeus in Athens by the same time doing a favor that i asked him to do it for me……
The synchronisation and the essence of what happened yesterday was indescribable.
3 appearances in total yesterday in every 30 minutes intervals (6:55,7:25,7,55). I recorded only the first appearance because i wanted to focus my energy on them and try to feel their vibrations for the next 2 orange orbs that came across the sky slowly with strange flying movement like the first appearance that i recorded……..
The quarantine of our planet from our celestial ancestors is ending soon…….. we need to make up our minds and be spiritually armed with Love for this unique transitional galactic celebration that will occur soon alongside our mother Gaia…….
The five virtues of the five (E) cosmic elements are the following:
The virtue of fire of wise men is Love.
The virtue of water of wise men is Kindness.
The virtue of ether of wise men is Truth.
The virtue of air of wise men is Wisdom.
The virtue of (Ma-Gaia) mother Earth of wise men is Justice.
The conquest of the Five (E) virtues leads the human to Deity and can be transformed into a radiant bright star……..
Author: Pan G.
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