Unknown lights over Michigan

Latest UFO sightings – Footage of lights in the sky disappears out of nowhere. This was recorded over Gaylord, Michigan on Tuesday, 30th March 2010.

Second time ive seen this in the past 2 weeks – Just disappears out of nowhere! No flares – No jets or ANY planes were anywhere near these lights,I had 10X binocs. at hand which proved these were not from a plane,I know what military flares look like and this was not them-these lights appear and go in a split second!
My 1st sighting was much more significant on march 16.
Author (Kamerad792 @ youtube)

LUS 2010- most recent UFOs sighting reports and evidences. Real UFO on net. Greys- aliens, extraterrestrials in nort America, goverment conspiracy.

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  1. I live 5 minutes from Gaylord and have seen these around 6 times so far, A few of those incidents they appeared in clusters of 7 – ITS WILD ! They appear out of no where and are floating in the air then boom gone in the blink of an eye.

  2. For the past few weeks I've seen 2 flashing stationary lights in the western sky. One was on the southwestern side and the other was on the northwestern side. I've never seen them before & cannot find out if they are satellites anywhere. They are always gone hours later. Anyone know what they are? I live 15 minutes northwest of St. Ignace.

  3. I have been seeing these at silver lake sand dunes for the last 5 weeks. after 11:00pm… shined it with a laser and it flashed us back with a very bright beam of light. we were scared shitless ..no sound, no lights, no wings, this thing is creaping us out.

  4. First of all I want to start by saying I am not crazy, tonight at about 8pm my boyfriend and I were going to his house in Saginaw County, MI and were going down a somewhat country road to get there, the road had houses on it but we were the only car on the road. While on the road I saw a light in the sky that was far away that looked like a weird star or planet or something and after he saw it we

  5. i was driving with my cousin in bay city mi around 12:30am….we both have never experienced anything like this, but both saw bright white and red lights traveling faster than a jet plane in the sky, it traveled from the south to the far north then immediately flew back to the south…and then quickly went up…it's currently not moving but blinking it's red and white lights. we tried to

  6. It was 2:58 am, July 12, 2011, me,my daughter and son, and a few of the neighbors saw these firey objects slowly flying across the skys of Taylor, MI, they came from the treeline near romulus, Mi across Taylor, and toward I75 S toward Toledo, Oh…i tried to get a picture of the object but it was not clear enough. With the objects right above our heads it was hard to tell any detail, just looked

  7. I saw these tonight, around 10:00 pm. I was near Mt. Pleasant, MI, by the Soaring Eagle Hotel & Casino, when I noticed a bunch of orange lights in the sky to the east. I pointed them out to my dad, who said they were probably lights atop towers or antennae. I took another look, for a while, since it was pretty dark, and I could make out that a few of them were mounted on spires. But the rest

  8. In Westland, MI, we saw at least fifteen orange lights traveling from west to east tonight at around 10:00. Never saw anthing like it before.

  9. in luna pier michigan,i saw a oval shape object in the air wright across from me about a mile away it was hovering real slow from left to right and up and down real super fast a lite would appear for five seconds and five seconds later would disapear then when i stared at it while i was fishing ,i thought i seen it do something real unexplained like making a frater on the water move and lite

  10. It is happening again right now. 2 lights over Lake Michigan. Time 9:00 PM April 20, 2018
    These 2 white lights are not flickering, the left (north) one is dimmer than the right (south) one.
    They are side by side moving slower than a satellite but moving a little faster than stars around them.

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