7 amazing UFOs / Orbs flying over Poland

Latest UFO sightings – Seven UFOs / Orbs were recorded flying in the sky over Poland in early April 2010. Real or fake?

LUS 2010 – most recent UFO sighting reports and evidences from eastern Europe. Real UFOs on net, Greys aliens conspracy, MIB spotted 4/10.

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3 Comments on 7 amazing UFOs / Orbs flying over Poland

  1. We saw these same UFOI's over Victoria,BC,Canada.August o7th/2010.I only witnessed 5 of them, but tthey were only visible for 10-15 seconds.Then they dimmed, and seemingly vanished. This is the only video that depicts what I saw.

  2. the end of times are here…..the 7 seals r going to be broken….lol….r u ready?

  3. This is very interesting… Even though Im new to UFOs ive still been exposed to it over the years through the media. I believe we have been visited in the past and currently in the present by extraterrestials… The Universe is just too big for us to be the only ones here…

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