New Crop Circle was found at Savernake Forest nr Marlborough, Wiltshire

New Crop Circle was found at Savernake Forest near Marlborough, Wiltshire. This piece of art was reported on Wednesday, 23rd June 2010.
Circle makers probably want to make the most of the remaining time. That is why they create new circles so frequently these days. All the circle researchers and photographers must be very busy chasing these new formations now. Their efforts are really appreciated..
All circles appeared recently have connections to each other. This one is relating to the 8 appeared at Chirton Bottom on June 16th. In that formation, circle makers depicted that geothermal energy is the future energy which will allow only two seasons on earth-summer and winter by opening and closing the energy outlet. In this circle, they continue to depict how the remaining two seasons will impact the water supply that human beings have been relying on.
Basically, there will be NO rain in the future. The water resource that human beings rely on will change to the moisture in the air. During summer time, the geothermal energy will be released and the hot air on the ground will attract the moisture contained in the clouds. So the ground will become damp and foggy. A lot of water is contained in the air. So the triangular pyramid water collecting system built on the ground will be operated to reserve the water for daily living. This situation will last for 10 months and water supply is sufficient during this period. When winter comes, the outlet of geothermal energy will be closed and the weather will become so dry. All the damp air will become clouds and rise up to the sky. The water collecting triangular pyramids on the plains have become useless. In this case, we need to build the same system on the high mountains above the clouds to collect water in the clouds and distribute to the plains to sustain daily demand. Such situation will last 6 months in a year. The other 2 months are half dry and half wet seasons.
Meanwhile, this formation reminds me of a mysterious ancient site in the mountains of Northern Taiwan. According to the professional specialists, this ancient site can be backdated about 12,000 years ago. It happens to be a triangular pyramid made of stone, about 30 meters heigh and located in the mountain of 1120m height. So far this triangular pyramid still remains a mystery just like the Stonehenge in UK and Moai on the Easter Island. Some researchers say that this could be an ancient religious building and some say it could be the alien base 12,000 years ago.
After interpreting this new formation, I come up with another idea. Could this be the triangular pyramid that human beings utilize to collect water on the high mountains during winter? Same intellectual production during different times.

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