Strange object filmed over Belgium

Latest UFO sightings – Strange unknown object or light was recorded in the night sky over Belgium on Thursday, 3rd June 2010 between 10:30 pm and midnight.

[witness report – direct translate] Observation made in Belgium happened on the night of June 3, 2010 between 22:30 and midnight … we were two witnesses (myself and my wife) we succeeded in filming what appears to the naked eye a very bright star and impressive in the night sky.
We were able to distinguish with few nearby stars …
In any case, this is not a plane or any other type of gear known to man.
The object was moving very very slowly.
Author (MrRachiusensei @ youtube)

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  1. saw the exact same thing on June 6th 2010 in Pemberton BC Canada arround the same time but two of them I also have footage and I agree it is like nothing I have ever seen in the sky others arround me also saw them any explanation? any way to enhance footage that we have to try and see what these things are?

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