Interesting daytime UFO activity over Mesa, Arizona

Latest UFO sightings – Interesting daytime activity over Mesa, Arizona recorded in April and May this year by youtube user “explorerSG1”.
You can watch an UFO Hunters documentary about Dulce underground base at this link.

April 6, 2010

On April 6, 2010 around 1:38PM in Mesa, AZ , I was sitting in my lawn chair which was in my back porch watching the sky and holding the camera in my hand but resting it on my lap.
Then I noticed a very small and bright ball of light not very high in the air (maybe 30 feet in altitude) coming towards my location at a level flight and at the speed of a drifting balloon.
I quickly focus my camera onto the UFO, and I took 1 picture of it.
After the 1st picture I took of the UFO, I immediately stood up so I could take more pictures of the UFO.
When I stood up, the UFO quickly climbed in ascent directly straight up into the air to altitude of about 6o feet making a narrowly sharp turn then made a zig-zag spiraling nose-diving turns towards the ground in the opposite direction of when the UFO first came towards me.
That UFO exotic movement took me by surprise because I was not expecting such an extreme change in flying characteristic from a level flight.
While taking pictures of the UFO, I got the impression that the UFO was trying to avoid getting its pictures taken by me.
I also had a thought that maybe the reason the UFO went straight up in the air is because it didn’t see me when I was sitting in my chair,
and when I got up, I might have had spook it by surprising it when I suddenly stood up, then it was quickly trying to get out of view like running away.
The encounter lasted only about 10 seconds. After viewing the pictures right after the event, I was thinking that maybe the UFO was possibly plastic flying in the air; however,
5 minutes later after the event and looking at the pictures, I searched the area for any plastic or trash. No plastic or thrash of any kind was found.

May 1, 2010
On May 1, 2010 around 10:23AM in Mesa, AZ, I saw a small white object heading directly towards my location from a far distant. At first I was barely able to see it, and I also had a hard time at first trying to manually focus on the UFO.
When the UFO went behind the tree, I was patiently waiting for it to emerge from behind the tree.
I must had waited for a least 30 seconds when a plane came by overhead and near the tree.
I waited some more after briefly taking 1 picture of the plane; however, I never did see the UFO emerge from behind the tree like it just disappeared.
Then about a 15 seconds later after the plane, I noticed another white object in the distant where I spotted the first UFO. Only, this UFO was taking a completely different route what looks to be with the wind direction.

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