UFO activity over Oregon and Nevada in late July 2010

Latest UFO sightings – Video of UFO activity recorded in the sky over Oregon and Nevada in late July 2010.
Witness report: UFOs in Oregon and Nevada – Search Light – Triangles (close up!) Late July, 2010
The biggest cover up is right in front of your eyes. Are you afraid to know the truth? They don’t send out shills to assassinate people’s character when there is nothing to hide. Look at what they are doing to kingufokid and seeingufospa. This is the real deal. No one is debunking these craft. They are just attacking people who film them. Sound familiar? You are a witness. Peace.
Author (PURVASHADASTAR @ youtube)
UFO News – most recent U.F.O. reports, evidences, proof. LUS 2010
UFO Video – Real UFOs on net from north America, USA, The States, new ovni footage online.

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