UFO study group weighs in on sightings on Capri

August 26, 2010 – MUFON has released its long-awaited report on UFO sightings near the Isles of Capri.
“I have posted the video of the Isles of Capri UFO Case No. 24444 on our YouTube account this week,” wrote Morgan Beall, Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network Southwest Florida state section director.
“I did mute the voices for privacy purposes and replaced them with background music,” said Beall.
For the past six months, numerous witnesses have told MUFON of strange objects hovering in the sky at night in and around the Isles of Capri.
Beall has been plowing through these reports, speaking with witnesses, analyzing drawings, photographs, and videos of the objects seen by witnesses from Capri and nearby areas.
Beall’s records show that some reports date as far back as the 1950s.

Case# 24444 Isles of Capri Florida UFO

This is a video of the suspected object being seen by multiple witnesses over the Isles of Capri Florida near Marco Island Florida. Below is a description from the witnesses of case number 24444. There have been multiple sightings by different witnesses ranging back to April of this year. Some of the witnesses (anonymous and MUFON witnesses) have reported seeing the same objects in the near and far past in one case back to 1951 in the same area.
MUFON Case# 24444 Witness Description
“This is the 6th time I have seen this northwest of my house over the water. It was colorful, round in shape, silent and moved closer to me for a brief moment, then backed away. It turned on its side several times and looked more saucer shaped, then back to hover in its original state which was round. My daughter in law and son took video clips of it. In the video you can see that it was moving around. At one time when it came in closer, it disappeared and at the same time, the battery on my still camera and my son’s video camera went dead. After about 60 seconds, it reappeared, and both of our cameras began working again. “
There is a possibility that this video is a known solar system planet however the video does show towards the end an unusual characteristic not typical of a planetary body. The conditions were perfectly clear and a few trees were below the object in the foreground. This case is still inconclusive and more investigation is needed.

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  1. case #24444 ,and to mufon! gee have you ever clicked on and off really fast any videos of stars verse ufo's…? clicking your mouse ~ on and off on any video, as quick as one can , just observe .the still/or paused scenes shows moments that out of "course we .. do not~!' . one doesn't need the super-duper over priced slow video analizer to see that a star :while clicking

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