New video of UFO activity over Auckland, New Zealand 31-Oct-2010

Latest UFO sightings – New footage of UFO activity in the sky above Auckland in New Zealand. This video was recorded on Sunday, 31st October 2010.
Note: All 3 parts of the footage are avaliable in this player.

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  1. He ask in video &quot;So what you think about that?&quot;<br /><br />I dunno, Dunno, dunno..I don&#39;t know…What to think!<br /><br />A new primate on earth perhaps.. – hmm odd with the invisibility thing though..:/<br />Seen a bunch myself..(14-15 lost count). <br />Since 2005.<br /><br />dunno.

  2. I saw a similar thing in auckland last night from the kingsland area, i&#39;ve been skeptical in the past of ufo&#39;s but now have a completely different opinion. What i saw looked similar to photo at the top of this page it was extremely bright, large, fuzzy, and had a red beam-like tail coming out of it which flickered and moved like the object. what myself and my partner found particularly

  3. I saw three large orange lights (no flickering) off eastern coromandel peninsular on Saturday 20 November 2010 around 11.30 pm. They were hovering very steadily in a triangle pattern then one slightly changed formation. Then one by one they took off towards the north and disappeared. The shape and colour looked the same as the light on this video shot in Auckland a few weeks before. I&#39;ve

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