UFOFilesRadio: Before Roswell w/ Poalo Harris 2-Mar-2011

Before Roswell with Poalo Harris
UFO Files Radio
Wednesday, 2nd March 2011

UFO Crash Before Roswell! – Two small boys who lived just outside the White Sands Missile Range at the small town of San Antonio, NM witnessed the event of a life-time. A UFO crashed in front of them during a heavy Thunderstorm and inside the crash they could see at least three strange creatures that looked like “ants standing upright”. They could hear the squeals of pain and later they watched from a distance as the Army came and hauled away the craft but not before they were able to get a piece of the UFO and later when the two men, now in their 70s, decided to go public, they decided to tell Paola Harris, independent journalist and the Jerry Pippin Show the complete story.

Note: All parts of the radio show are avaliable in this player!

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