Most remarkable UFO sightings in May 2011

Most remarkable UFO sightings in May 2011 by

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May 2011; bright UFO – Kauai island, Hawaii

May 2011; two UFOs – Bridgman (Michigan Lake), Michigan

May 2011; bright UFOs – Maine-et-Loire, South West of Paris, France

May 2011; UFOs during tornadoes – Oklahoma

4th May 2011; disc-shaped UFO – Liverpool, UK

4th May 2011; fast UFOs – Denver, Colorado

8th May 2011; daytime UFO – Montreal, Canada

12th May 2011; V-shaped craft – Arlington, Texas

12th May 2011; strange lights and UFOs – Fort Worth, Texas

13th May 2011; triangle formation – Sydney, Australia

17th May 2011; fast UFO – NBC TV, USA

18th May 2011; daytime fast UFO – Nürnberg, Germany

21st May 2011; UFO fleet – Rzeszow, Poland

21st May 2011; daytime UFO fleet – Amsterdam in Netherlands

21st May 2011; daytime UFO – Los Angeles, California

25th May 2011; UFO activity – Buenos Aires, Argentina

26th May 2011; triangle UFO – Oakland in California

28th May 2011; UFOs – Indian Head in Maryland

29th May 2011; UFOs – Mayfield, Tasmania, Australia

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