Triangle UFO formation in the sky over Sydney in Australia 13-May-2011

Latest UFO sightings – Interesting stationary triangle formation was recorded over Sydney, Australia. This was taken on Friday, 13th May 2011 around 5:15 am.

Witness report: I have filming the 4 planet alignment, when Strange object appeared on this time.
I have enlarged some my video clips.
Author (colourufo @ youtube)

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  1. I saw these bright lights too on my way into work over the weekend, but i think there just stars and not ufo's because they did not move once. And your footage is in still mode so can you re post it so we can see if there moving please..

  2. Very NICE!! I appreciate your filming for so long. only suggestion would be if you could have indicated the planets so some folks won't jump to conclusion that the lights are the aligned planets. thanks for sharing this video.

  3. I am confused, is this about the 3 stationary lights? because if it is I am pretty sure that those are planets.I thought I saw a couple of blinkies. If this is in Australian, the planets should be coming over the eastern horizon , maybe north eastern. So i kinda don't get it. any thoughts?

  4. i live in Queensland and i saw them (but they were on a different angle). they disappeared at like 6am. ive been seeing one of these lights for last month or so and it got my attention sun morning(15th) when the other 2 were underneith it. and i just thought it was strange that they were so well measured apart. was it just the planets?

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