UFO on the Moon’s surface 11-Jun-2011

Latest UFO sightings – Possible UFO sightings of an unknown craft on the Moon’s surface. This video was recorded on Saturday, 11th June 2011.
What do you think of this footage? Is this object flying over Moon or in our own atmospere? Leave your comments below!

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  1. In order for us to see and video the moon the sun has to be shining on it to make it visible. Why is this UFO therefore dark? If it had the ability to absorb light then we would not see it at all. I am curious but puzzled by this.

  2. I tried to view and pause as it traveled over the craters, to see if there were shadows or changes due to the topography, and it appears to be actually closer to the moon than to the viewer or camera.

  3. very interesting.<br />there seems to be a shadow cast by the object…would something in our atmosphere appear to cast a shadow on the moon&#39;s surface?

  4. On that particular nite 6/11/11 in Canton, Ohio I and 3 other adults witnessed a total of 4 round objects bright almost orange in color. They appeared in a sequence of a single round object, followed by two more of the same in appearance, as the first appeared to rise out of sight a fourth object appeared. This lasted approx. 4 minutes until they were no longer visible.

  5. Looks like a shadow mostly – which of course doesn&#39;t explain why you can still see it after it hits the dark side..it&#39;s darker than pitch black? :)<br /><br />I also can&#39;t imagine there&#39;s any way something could cast a shadow on the moon&#39;s surface from our atmosphere, especially that small? Weird.

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