Triangle-shaped craft over Toronto, Canada 30-Jun-2011

Latest UFO sightings – Interesting footage of triangle-shaped unidentified flying object was taken in Toronto, Canada on Thursday, 30th June 2011.

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  1. Always these 3 lights. No country can just fly at will over everyone else's airspace. How do they explain, or better yet, why don't they explain, what these 3 lights are attached to. I think they know and are not about to tell us.

  2. What a fucking moron! It&#39;s not a plane LOL You can see the fucking anti collision lights flashing and the two wing landing lights. <br />Lame you can tape this any night near an airport

  3. If I had to guess its a hercules from Trenton. They often fly at that altitude when moving around the lake. You won&#39;t see any other aircraft using that flight pattern in our area. As far as the speed is concerned it took 6 min to cross the city and that&#39;s not fast.

  4. totally agree. there&#39;s no way they don&#39;t know. with all the cameras pointing in the skies, pretty sure each country is observing the skies also. no doubt there is objects that are no longer considered ufo&#39;s but ifo&#39;s (identified flying object). keep watch over your skies.

  5. There is an Airport just to the southwest of the CNTower…. Not to mention you can see the strobes off of that aircraft.

  6. WHAT? Is this guy for real? The only UFO here is the camera operator!!!! Don&#39;t waste peoples time….<br /><br />ITS A PLANE from the planet EARTH!!!!

  7. Um, to all the skeptics who say these are planes, and anyone can film these blah blah blah…give your fat heads a big shake. I have been filming IFO&#39;s for the past 5 years. I guarantee all of your skeptics that these images and film footages are not of fucking planes! How fucking lame indeed!

  8. I am a true believer in other life out there and I have seen UFOs myself, but in this case its just a plane. I live with a view of the flight path to an airport and I see this kind of ting all the time. Sometimes they can look very like UFOs from a distance or even closer for that matter but they are planes. One of the key indicators whether its a man made aircraft or not is the way it moves. If

  9. I live in toronto last night january 1 2013 about 1 am in the morning i was getting some air on the balcony when at first i saw a red light coming from the downtown area of toronto at first i thought it was a plane then the light turned left and headed my way east <br />Im on the seventh floor as it passed a straight line in front of me i got a real good look at it <br />it was white in the

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