UFOs and Dangerous Secrets

August 7, 2011 – It comes as no surprise that there is disbelief from many when it comes to the discussion of UFOs and extraterrestrial beings in spite of the many unexplained sightings of and encounters with such things. Of course there are always skeptics and that is not always a bad thing, they keep us true and they keep us searching, however it seems strange that those people and organizations in authority are always so ready to deny the possibility and go on to research and study the problem in secret. Disbelief is not so dangerous, nor are skeptics. The danger comes in the secrets kept from us, especially if even one UFO that visits is hostile or does more than hover and fly away.
There are organizations, and people, in authority who truly do not believe and do not go on to investigate the phenomenon of UFOs in secret. In fact, it is likely that a large number do not do such secretive research, however there are certainly those that do and the fact that some organizations (such as governments) do so makes it difficult to trust the openness and transparency of other organizations. Happily there are other individuals and programs that do investigate, study, and research openly. One such individual is Captain Rodrigo Bravo from Chile. He has co-written a book about UFO sightings by pilots with a man named Juan Castillo. The book is called Ufología Aeronáutica and discloses sightings and encounters that pilots have had with UFOs as well as outlining the dangers of such encounters. It also makes the case that pilots have a unique view of these encounters, not only because of their place in the sky, but also because they are trained, in part, to quickly analyze other flying objects.
Captain Bravo and Mr. Castillo are not the only ones who do such research, of course. There are many UFOlogists that are usually willing to share their information and research, so it would be easy to ask what the danger of organizations in authority researching in secret is. The danger is that they have authority, they can get better trained people, better equipment, and intimidate people into keeping secrets. They generate misinformation and endeavor to keep secrets. They mislead the people they have authority over, and misinformation is often much more dangerous than a lack of informatio

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