UFO sighting over Redondo Beach, California 8-Oct-2011

Latest UFO sightings – This UFO fleet was seen and recorded in the night sky over Redondo Beach in California on 8th October 2011.
Witness report: I was smoking a cigar around midnight by the pool area and suddenly the security guard on duty came running by shouting at me to follow him quickly. When we arrived at a clearing and looked up, there were about 8 or 9 UFO’s hovering in the sky. I ran back to get my cell phone and when I returned, this was the footage that was recorded.

View is from the Redondo Beach Pier area looking south toward Palos Verdes/San Pedro. Footage taken by Droid3 phone video. Exact time: 10-8-11 at 11:58 pm.

It seemed that the UFO’s would be directly above the San Pedro area, perhaps the naval base, the refineries or even the Port of LA. Maybe there was something of interest there for these UFO’s to come and take a closer look?

00:00 – 5 objects spotted. The one at 8 o’clock position is already dimming and moving away left.
00:19 – 6th object entering scene at 4 o’clock position.
00:37 – Object at 8 o’clock disappears behind palm tree.
00:39 – 7th object entering scene at 5 o’clock position
01:19 – Moved phone camera in front of lamp post to avoid glare. The hissing sound is from a stream that flows through the property.
01:28 – Last object dims out and disappears around center of screen.
Author (skygate @ youtube)

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  1. omg! i have never shown any intrest in E.T type activities nor have i ever been intrested in aliens but i live in Dayton Ohio n tonight as i sat at a red light around 8:45 pm me n two other friends saw a man in the next car over recording the skys with his cell, we look at the sky n saw these same exact orangy colored lights about 9-12 of them all in a scattered kind of formation all moving at a

  2. These do show all the characteristics of Lanterns, moving in the same direction, same speed.<br /><br />The flickering is the paraffin block burning out.

  3. Okay, just to clarify. Chinese lanterns is probably the most similar to these pictures and videos. However, lanterns will not stay exactly as far apart as these unknown lights do. Eventually, they will start to drift and it looks like they are quite a way up there and they should burn out after that height. <br /><br />I also want to add to all the people out there who don&#39;t believe or chose

  4. Dear Mr A Potter,<br /><br />Firstly, keep your hair on! Calm down dear!<br /><br />This is a site where folks interested in this phenomenon whether they are believers or sceptics, can come and review and discuss the latest reported sightings.<br /><br />I have seen things in the sky I cannot explain and I am not suggesting that by looking at one video and concluding that in my opinion they are

  5. UFO spotted in Blythe, Cal by Quartzsite, az on the border, highway as big as the Phoenix lights was spoted tonight at about 8:20 PM had ten or more lights on it and was at least two football fields long people on the highway were slowing down to see it. Did any one else see this???

  6. Ufo spotted in blythe, Cal on the border just outside of Arizona on the highway was at least two football fields long and had at least ten or more lights on it and cars were slowing down to watch it was as big as the Phoenix, lights was seen at 8:20 tonight.

  7. I liked the footage. Thank you.(May not agree it is Chinese Lanterns)I have a special interest in the area they were spotted.In San Pedro,there is a park up 9th St.,called Friendship Park. U.F.O.s have been spotted there, above and below the water in &#39;92,going to and from Santa Catalina Island. At that time, Redondo Bch,as well.(While hiking at that park, I really could feel like flying

  8. no earthings were supposed to see us. we were doing test flights for our planet. we need to see what guarantee we have since they were guaranteed you would not see us. sorry to disturb you earthlings. bye from shatobra

  9. I have seen these ufo’s everytime I stay at the coastline in Redondo…usually around one to three in the morning. They make triangle formations then drop down towards the earth. It goes on for hours. Usually they are very high up in the atmosphere.I’m glad others have seen them. I thought I was just imagining them.

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