Kansas: UFO on truck makes news

Residents in Cowley County, Kansas are still talking about a mystery craft, seen being towed down US 77 Monday.
Sitting inside Lindly’s Appliance Store, Kammi Root is used to seeing large machinery towed down US 77. But what she saw Monday (12th December 2011) afternoon is something she won’t soon forget.

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  1. I doubt that this was a downed UFO or a new form of drone by the US military. Why would they move it through city streets and highways? Certainly it could be transported on a large transport plane seeing that something like this should be top-secret. <br /><br />It could be that it&#39;s a prop for something.

  2. WOW i would go nuts if i seen that while i was driving,they said its destination was to maryland thats were im at,looks like its one of those stealth drones,since the war was called off i seen hundreds of military humvees coming back on the trains,i think ther in a rush to get back all ther best toys,but whos to say thats not an arura prototype?!?!<br />quality stuff here-matt_bpd

  3. Well I use to live where they built a lot of this kind of stuff. So my best guess is it&#39;s nothing more than a USAF UCAV. Maybe a replacement for the the drone lost in Iran. I don&#39;t know it&#39;s just a guess. Whatever it is it&#39;s cool!!! πŸ™‚

  4. So I just looked it up and what i found was it was most likely a X-47B. But I&#39;m not saying it&#39;s not possibly alien. I&#39;m just saying what I think.

  5. downed ufo my ass! it has wheels u morons if it was not from this planet do u really think they would be carting it around so freely. please dont be such tards.

    • There must be some underlying reason for them to transport this in such a way. They are perfectly capable of alternative transporting methods, but decide to truck it directly through a city for people to see. Whatever it is, I find it suspicious either way. Where are these wheels you speak of it having? Its clearly not a X-47B – http://www.flickr.com/photos/gordontour/5857079308/. All the

  6. they said it was headed to northrop grumman the &quot;leading global security company&quot; you can see one of ther buildings from 895,they have facilitys in MD-i think its a drone being shipped back asap-did you guys hear the conspiracy about the drones and other us military systems being hacked with virus&#39;s in the iran vs us cyber war-may have to sumthing to do with the hasty pull out of

  7. By the time this aircraft reaches Maryland it will have provoked a lot of suspicion from UFO conspiracy believers.Perhaps that is the goal.

    • I feel like this is a possibility. It resembles a UFO more than a Drone from all the pics I&#39;ve seen. They have alternate methods to ship machines like this, but decided to truck it through a city for all to see.

    • Wish I could agree, however, the edges on the craft in this pic are thicker than that of picture on your link. That plus that drone has wings whereas this craft is more rounded on the edges.

  8. Reverse engineering at its best. We still can&#39;t build one of these without wheels though. Time to let the people know, Its 2012 remember the year they return to earth!!

  9. looks like the goverment was just trying to pull the UFO consperist&#39;s eyes away from that part of the world looks like something is going on overthere

  10. I think it&#39;s some kind of prop for a movie set or some event. If it were military or a downed UFO, they&#39;d never drag it through the country on a trailer. It could be that this is a way to downplay the continually occurring sightings all over the world and to make us think that we&#39;re just seeing props and toys in the sky.

  11. Seriously guys its a drone! the reason they truck them is because the get built in california and the have to get certified for flight in maryland… a UFO seriously?! People are to quick to jump on the bandwagon HOPING for a UFO they woudnt parade a UFO around..

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  13. Ladies and gentleman, what you are seeing here is the rear of a X-47B stealth drone being transported. The wing tips have been removed for transport making it appear to have a ufo-like shape, but I promise you this has absolutely nothing to do with aliens or ufo’s. America has some very fancy toys to play with.

    Fun fact, it also makes an appearance in the sci-fi film, “Skyline”

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