Daytime UFO seen and filmed over Bugarach, France 1-Apr-2012

UFO news – This video was allegedly recorded by two German hikers while hiking and camping in the mountains of Southern France near Pic de Bugarach on Sunday, 1st April 2012.

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9 Comments on Daytime UFO seen and filmed over Bugarach, France 1-Apr-2012

  1. unconvincing like a new type weather ballon

  2. I am a believer as I have seen "unidentified" objects, but this is simply a balloon.

  3. guta filme

  4. Differing density thoughout object, indefinable surface makeup however remained consistant on movement. <br />Direction &amp; consistancy of travel indicates self propulsion as opposed to environmental.<br />Most remarkable is light emmision 180 deg offset to sun position.<br />Well caught &amp; worth archiving.

  5. you two sound exhausted from the hiking event I have heard that there is a Holiday Inn Dark Side next shuttle leaves 3:00pm no reservations needed you did a good job on the filming but what exactly is it did anyone bother to report it

  6. Alien Nation 51 // April 9, 2012 at 12:40 am // Reply

    &quot;Amazing… I like the way this video was edited. With slow motion and close-up, cool&quot; I Believe… Following you on twitter and here. I&#39;m ALIEN NATION 51&quot; <br />(Twitter)!/alienation51 <br />(blogger)

  7. from reading other websites this looks like it could be an alien tracking device or some type of satellite just like the ones we use

  8. 1st april…. LOL it&#39;s joke day !

  9. It is an alien drone : it observes all around the Pech.<br />The alien see you when you climb but you see nothing !<br />Good video…

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