Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Donut-shaped UFO flying over East Hampton, New York 7-Apr-2012

UFO videos - Some kind of donut-shaped unidentified flying object was recorded flying across the sky above East Hampton in New York on 7th April 2012.

Witness report: This object seemed to respond in its appearance after I flashed it with my LED flashlight, and changed direction.

It was originally heading from east to west, but then changed direction and headed south after it "glowed intensely" until it disappeared. I did not change the focus or any other settings, as you can see the stars remain the same before, during and after the orb glowed brightly.

The strange thing about this object was that it had a hole in the center, which can be clearly seen in my video. It makes it appear like a donut.


  1. one single Cheerio ?

  2. at 30,000 feet it is - 30-50 degrees

  3. some article on the net is saying that the spaceships are empty

  4. shoot the bastards down aint no reason not too


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