Exclusive Interview With seeingUFOsPA & whotookmymojo

UFO Hunters 2012: Exclusive interview with Youtube users seeingUFOsPA & whotookmymojo

You are going to see and hear a lot of incredible things in this live interview with Alison (seeingUFOsPA) and Mojo (whotookmymojo) that unfolded in March of 2012. The nature of the phenomenon; orbs and morphing; UFO hunting; spiritual and scientific aspects; the dark side of filming UFOs and UFO disclosure are all discussed in detail–backed with some of the most convincing and undeniable footage that exists today. As always, please comment with your polite and insightful opinions.

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12 Comments on Exclusive Interview With seeingUFOsPA & whotookmymojo

  1. Blow your nose man… it's disgusting. Can't listen to this with your headphones on…. Uachhh…

  2. exelent video touching on some great topics – allison has a great analysis on the energy based ufos very similar to mine that they could interdimensional or pure energy i belive ther is a possability that they have some type of soul i would describe it as different type of life form then anything we understand – the little orbs are awsome and new to me i take into acount that the size of a ufo

  3. 1 more thing real quick on this one today – starting at 25:30 there is a superb example of a ufo mocking a helicopter only problem is unless thats airwolf i dont think he could fly threw the trees like that lol not to mention size seems to be slightly off – it always made sense to me if they dont want to be noticed why not imitate – being noticed may affect their desired objectives — i also

  4. Possibly THEE BEST post that has been on this web site.<br />If you Google Alison Krause, you find a myriad of disinformation, and basic slander. <br />When someone attacks a believer and resorts to name calling, sexual allegations, and just plain character assassination you know the believer must be close to the truth or speaking and showing you the truth.<br />If someone cares as much as her

  5. I think the show was pretty informative. Different views of the sightings, the discussion points and the reasons for why they continued to video these objects. This footage alone is proof enough that visitation is occurring and have been for sometime. Disclosure from any governmental source at this point would only be a caveat to the truth. Nearly impossible for any agency to reveal what they

  6. Brotherhood // April 25, 2012 at 12:00 am // Reply

    Extraordinary job guys. Congratulations…

  7. I was so happy to watch this info, since I don&#39;t live to far from Murrysville in the most N. Part of Westmoreland Cty. and last year I saw 2 very large orbs last fall 2011 then an orange airplane appeared over me. Yes, they were watching me and sure did scare me!! It was very bright orange so bright you could not see what was in this plane and made no noise. They are still with me in mental

    • what do you mean that they are with you &quot;mentally&quot; you claim that they are with you like angels…. get a GRIP, i driven through murrysville millions of times never have seen one damn thing there that would influence me . get help <br />the video was informative thanks

  8. Great video. Interesting about the night vision. After i saw the video, i pulled out my Night Owl Optics night vision monoculars. (found them at a yard sale for 50 bucks)sat in my lounge chair and looked up at the night sky.(lower Arakansas Valley,Colorado) It took 10min. before i saw a orb flying across from east to west very fast. Then 2 more at the same speed. They were to fast to be

  9. Mind-blowing images. These documenters are braver than I would ever be! I agree, this is the best post I have seen on this site.

  10. Are these orbs able to be seen without NV?

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