Flying saucer caught in tape over the mosque in Isfahan, Iran? April 2012

UFO news – Japanese tourists apparently filmed this disc-shaped UFO over the Sheikh Lotfollah mosque in Isfahan, Iran on Monday, 9th April 2012.

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  1. Cool footage from Iran(for a change)and a very close by spaceship.Real saucershaped one as well.NICE keep your camera ready at all times.We NEED it to be public knowledge fast..They know something we REALLY are in need of on Earth.ONLY when we are ready they`ll go public.ARE YOU READY???

  2. not an orb!Perhaps a drone made of kevlar stretched over magnesium frame filled with helium and said structure powered by concealed mini props powered by butane controlled by onboard circuits ;MAYBE NOT.

  3. I love to see real flying disks.This looks like the real Mc Coy.With a helicopter escort, none the less. Many THANKS to the Japanese tourist !

  4. Pay attention people. The Mayan's said that the "Gods" would be returning this year. We dont have long to wait until they are done letting us get used to the idea that they are really back. This is going to be very interesting!!

  5. Ever since somebody complained about the boring crap UFOs we have had this year, they have gotten better! This one actually looks something like a flying saucer which is a rarity. We should thank the saucermen for their efforts and hope for many more of these improved sightings.

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