Most remarkable UFO sightings in March 2012

Most remarkable UFO sightings in March 2012 by

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early March 2012; UFOs – Melbourne, Australia

early March 2012; UFOs – Murmansk, Russia

early March 2012; triangle formation – Peru, Lima

2nd March 2012; two lights – Indiana, US

3rd March 2012; fireball – United Kingdom

9th March 2012; flying saucer – Barrancabermeja, Colombia

13th March 2012; daytime UFO – Corbières mountains, France

14th March 2012; daytime UFO – Sävedalen, Sweden

17th March 2012; unknown lights – Kiev, Ukraine

17th March 2012; UFOs or orbs – Maringá – Parana, Brazil

21st March 2012; 2 linked UFOs – Bangkok, Thailand

21st March 2012; 2 linked UFOs – Las Vegas, NV

24th March 2012; daytime UFO – Wainscott in New York

26th March 2012; UFO activity – King’s Lyn, UK

27th March 2012; UFO activity – Midlothian, Scotland

29th March 2012; UFO activity – Denver, Colorado

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  1. Awww you missed some of my vids 🙁 You should take a look, ive caught some strange things over the uk myself.<br />Rob19791 on youtube

  2. Great compliation of vids. I have say….I love the mainstream media and news and how they explain away anything other worldly. How fake is the last videos news cast personnel. All seem like high priced and over paid drones. Laugh it off news man…..laugh it off.

  3. Media is unbelievable! Meteors don&#39;t move up and down and back and forth and hover. They are gone in a blink of an eye. Reflective balloons???? Wow…really?? Thousands of satellites??? Please! Ignorance is bliss. Great footage. All will know soon enough. I&#39;m glad I won&#39;t be amongst the ignorant that are going to be absolutely freaking out because they believed that our government

    • I totally agree. If anything, our government is lying to us and if there was something to tell they wouldn&#39;t let us know.

  4. How stupid, stupid, STUPID did those news reporters sound…especially the one on the left. They are clearly NOT discerning and just poo poo it in the most stupid way..that&#39;s the only word I can use for their ignorance. Yes, they are the ones who will express the shock and fear when the day of &#39;&#39;revelation&#39;&#39; comes… And it will be scary because they will probably use words

  5. As i got out of a taxi outside the hockey club on the Grange Road, Rathfarnham Dublin, Ireland at 9.50pm on Friday 27 April 2012, I noticed four bright orange lights clearly visible on a very clear sky. One of the objects was moving slowly and the other three appeared stationery. As i stood looking they moved off in the direction of Marley Park and over the Dublin Mountains (West to East). I

  6. Richard Bondira filmed a U.F.O. over Blanford Indiana at 1030 PM on April 28th 2012.The photo is incredbile and appears to be only 500ft off the ground and is 35+ft in size. he can be contacted at 1765 832 1725 if you want to interview him for Mufon.Im Guy Winters who filmed the Ghost of GreenCastle back in 1995 and have Orbs{41} that appear to be some kind of a remote viewing lens device.when

    • intresting subject with the remote veiwing that been a theory ive been working with recently and made a similar coment on one the jamie mussan mothership vids on this site – why even send a complete craft acrossed the universe if you could open a portal/window(size can very depending on what equipment ther looking threw or using with the portal) to look threw or even send craft threw if need be

  7. i totally believe in ufo and extra terrestrial life but these videos can be explained by many other phenomenas &amp; can&#39;t be treated as ufo&#39;s.

    • they are living in they earth right now all over the mountains of ojai valley 93023,i cant under stand how thay are all over and nobody cares or want to know. if i got a way to film them and made people relize that they are all around us. right now in big groops imatating rock formations way up on a mountain they have tunnals live under ground…. they move at a lot slower pace people move at a

  8. I am Airick an alien placed on Earth from the Neptune Imperial Elite Space Navigators N.I.E.S.N. Our objective is to make sure that the human society is completely unaware of our placement on your planet. We have won half the battle… We look at the human populous as no more than morons. As in 1951 we attempted to reveal the truth of our existence but the humanoids that you placed in your

    • seriously?get bent if what your saying is true you could be at my door any second and im waiting for your response.oh but wait your so full of shit you have nothing better to do but scare the weak minded get a real job be a real man /woman and put your big girl panties on and get a grip homo.this is so ridiculous.

  9. with the development of the most recent telescopes you can take pictures photos etc etc zoom in on objects 1000000 miles away why cant anyone zoom in on a ufo ? get bent unless there is 100% proof keep living life as nothing matters. geesh wtf?

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