Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Triangle UFOs

Triangular UFOs over USA
Triangular UFO sightings are something normal in United States. Here the Third World Millenium presents a collection of videos from 2004 to 2008.

Triangle unidentified flying object over Canada
Triangle shaped UFO was spotted in the city of Ontario in Canada. Triangular UFOs continue to appear on Canadian territory, like this one over Quebec on November 21, 2011 and Ontario on November 5, 2011. The objects were recorded at night. Spectacular evidence.

Triangular UFOs over Eastern Europe
TV report by The Third Millenium about triangle UFOs over Eastern Europe, like the one recorded in Bulgaria on March 19, 2012.
[direct translate from Spanish]


  1. The triangle formation (three orbs) that we are seeing now is a symbol about something. They don't have nothing to do with the triangle shape UFOs that we saw many years ago.

  2. JACKPOT! excelent combo compilation of tri-forms u know what i like - my latest thoughts on the tri-forms i belive to be et/orb (3 seprate craft) type (*not tr-3b examples*) are trying to spot a flight leader and some of them have the scouts either full size or compact versions of the tri-form - also i find them personaly more intresting when you get an et tri-form holding tight formation (non morphing)- no offence to the mophing variety ther still cool lol

    -* ther are some recent examples of tri-forms i belive to be black op(tr-3b) the lights on these are usualy in a fixed position representing a man made physical craft and they can hover in place if they wer zipping around years ago i can only imagine what design evolution they have now - disclosure on the specs of these craft will prob not be released in my lifetime and im not even 30 yet *-

    -i prob wouldnt be so crazy about tri-forms if i didnt see one(et/orb/morphing) myself , but i did now i need to know

    next chapter is why are they here? lol


  3. great job Jamie :-)


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