C2C: Men In Black Phenomenon 26-May-2012

Coast to Coast AM: Men In Black Phenomenon
Date: 05-26-12
Host: John B. Wells
Guests: Nick Redfern
Ufologist and researcher Nick Redfern joined John B. Wells for a discussion on the Men in Black (MIB) phenomenon. The MIB mystery began in the early 1950s with researcher Albert Bender of Bridgeport, Connecticut, Redfern said. Bender set up one of the world’s first UFO organizations, the International Flying Saucer Bureau, which he reportedly shut down after being visited by three menacing men dressed in dark suits, he continued. In the 1960s, Bender released a book on the topic in which he talks about the MIB spontaneously materializing in his home (to the smell of brimstone), their weird glowing eyes, and how they could place him into an altered state of mind, Redfern added. This has led to the notion that two categories of MIB exist, regular government agents and supernatural/alien entities, he noted. “Whoever these MIB are they’re far stranger in terms of their modus operandi and their origin than just the government,” Redfern stated.

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  1. The only real men in black would be Johnny Cash back up musicians or corporate enforcers for aviation industries including government aviation industries.These guys fit the thug profile pretty well.Nazi sympathizers one and all.There were few saucer reports until the 20's.HOWEVER;IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT LARGE AIRSHIPS WITH POWERFUL SEARCHLIGHTS graced the United States in the 1800'

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