Thursday, July 19, 2012

Retired air force colonel talks about UFO sightings

Retired Air Force Colonel Dick French claims he investigated UFO sightings, and was ordered to debunk them.

Here's the video:


  1. And now his former 'debunker' job is being filled by Marc D'Antonio of MUFON -- FYI, in his day job, he works for the government so him saying he has "yet to see a UFO I couldn't debunk" is not so shocking.

  2. This is true, although there are UFOs, whether they are in fact piloted by little green aliens or are top secret flight vehicles is yet to be seen. Very interesting nonetheless.

  3. Not to say he is not telling some truth here,but I guessed he had a book out before they showed it.I had hope these retired guys coming forward with their stories would lead to some sort of disclosure.That hope fades when they start talking about Roswell,because I think of this audio clip on YOUTUBE "Roswell UFO - Radio news report, July 8 1947".At 1:55 you hear a description of the crash material b-4 the coverup began.This part is seldom played in UFO documentaries,and does not sound like a space craft to me,my guess is that is why it is seldom played.Sounds like they switched this material(something like,or a Mogul balloon)for a regular weather balloon,so it was a cover up.If they had just said the object found was a top secret balloon project and refused to show it because it was top secret that would have been the end of the story,maybe?
    My guess the intelligence officer and base commander that released the story that they had found a flying saucer were thinking the saucers were something like Japanese balloon bombs.They had not been informed about Mogul so they assumed this object was not ours.

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  5. This is a blinding flash of the obvious. Even the Air Force agrees it was debuncking UFOs during the Blue Book era when this happened

  6. The government would've killed him for talking about this 20 years ago??? And thats why I don't trust the government...

  7. I beleive on this stuff, but when there is a book been published by the story teller,I then think there is something fishy going on, and the actual truth has been stretched to make people to buy the book....

  8. Pretty sad that witnesses in the military have to state that their books are fictional when in truth they are documental. At least in the USA they have freedom of speach to do this, because in Australia they'd be locked up for 7 years for breaching the Crimes Act 1914 for telling anyone what went on. Youtube "Andrew Wilke & Iraq" about our roadblock to truth. Well done Dick.

  9. It is shameful that consecutive elected officials & the permanent public servant heads have forced any normal thinking person to the point we must question anything they say.
    Most of this is the direct effect of most of us voting for one of the two major political parties & unless we wake up to this fact & act accordingly it may very well spell the demise of western civilisation, something that is more probable than possible.
    Please people, if you indeed love your kids & grandkids etc we MUST fix this ourselves & NOT pass it on to them at a time when things are irrepairable & thus their fate, they don't deserve to be burdoned nwith our own greed & failure to face reality, think PLEASE !!


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