Unknown lights above Nottingham, UK 5-Jun-2012

UFO videos – This interesting footage was allegedly recorded in the nigth sky above Nottingham in United Kingdom.
What do you think of this footage? Real UFO activity or just a CGI? Leave your comments below!
Witness report: Saw these three lights hovering in the sky in the late evening, grabbed my camera asap.
I’m not a UFO expert, so this could be a plane for all I know.
Strange plane though if you ask me 
Author (aizlr @ youtube)

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  1. Okay, that was awesome…seen that same thing in Somerset England last November. The thing was massive…it was bigger than a Boeing 747…

  2. i believe these triangle shape craft are american military quite several been filmed over america & other cities been put on this site not a plane.its a new aircraft what invisible inside the three orange lights triangle shape significant in & around our world well captured .

    • Sparky and these craft made by Americans just go random remote places and hover for long periods making no noise huh? I happen to know that while we do have triangular sorta shaped jets, but they make noise, they don't just hover, and they are sent out with purpose not just to random areas of the globe.

  3. I agree it is not a plane.Very good footage.Again I ask why are goverments not commemting on those ufo in our skies.I just do not understand it.<br /> Can any give me a logical explanation for this complete lack of comments from our leaders.Surly God they doi not beleuve that is going to cause mass panic

    • The truth is soon to be revealed to the public,the government is about to lose power and we&#39;re are to be free as working slaves.As long as they control the money and food along with meds and depend on oil and electricity-then we can be bought.the truth of the matter is this .energy is for all,not just the wealthy few.

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