Most remarkable UFO sightings in October 2012

Most remarkable UFO sightings in October 2012 by

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early October 2012; unknown objects – Fresno, California

October 2012; cigar-shaped UFO РPopocat̩petl volcano, Mexico

1st October 2012; triangle formation – Madison, Wisconsin

6th October 2012; daytime UFO – Stirling, UK

12th October 2012; unknown bright object – Lae, Papua New Guinea

13th October 2012; unknown lights – Fraserburgh, UK

16th October 2012; daytime UFO – Virgie, Kentucky

18th October 2012; triangle-shaped craft – Fresno, California

19th October 2012; triangle UFO – Hilo, Hawaii

20th October 2012; daytime UFO – Paris, Kentucky

22nd October 2012; triangle-shaped craft – Ukraine

23rd October 2012; triangle UFO – Santa Fe, Argentina

26th October 2012; 2 linked objects – Lexington, KY

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