Daytime UFOs or orbs hovering above Venice, California 2-Jan-2012

UFOs OrbsUFO sightings 2013 – New daytime video of a strange bright formation hovering in the sky above Venice in California. This was taken on 2nd January 2013.
Witness report: 1. I was looking at the sky. Ive seen these before(at a former neighbors) but never from my yard.
2. I was looking for the object.
3. I thought it was a UFO drone.(Orb)
4. One was red, one was white, like balloons, high in the Northern sky. They hovered, moving south west.
5. I dont like admitting this but I held up my hands and motioned for them to wait while I got my video camera from inside. When I came back out I started videotaping.The first one I saw was gone but the other one continued to hover.(They essentially look like a small red dot or a small white dot in the shaky video.) I texted a neighbor who is very skeptical(Ive had other sightings and had recently confessed them to him. He ridiculed me so I wanted him to come over and see for himself. He declined.) I continued to videotape them over the next hour and a half. There were five in all that I saw, though I only got four on video. One came closer than the others, flying East to West over my yard. This one was different in shape. The first ones were perfect spheres but this one looked to be at times like a triangle shape with multiple ball-like shapes protruding from it as it turned, seeming to change shape as it twisted. It appears to glow but it was also after 4:00 at this time and the sun tended to give everything, including planes, a bit of a glow. At this point I called for my fiancee to come outside and see it.(Shes seen the white orbs before and isnt very interested but this one was closer and oddly shaped so I insisted she take a look.)
6. I followed/filmed the object as it flew overhead(I bent over backward in my chair, eventually filming it upside down) until I lost sight as it disappeared over another neighbors house. (From seeing this particular object until it was gone took about 6 1/2 minutes.) I had similar sightings(which I also videotaped) over the next two days (Jan 2, 3 & 4) all around the same time, 3:00 p.m. (To be fair, thats the time that I would really sit down to look.)
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. Balloons? I don't think so, because of beach weather and wind currents. Chinese Lanterns? Well, maybe not, either. (I'm 18 mi East of Venice Bch.) O.F.O. ? Yes. Good video? Yes. Thank you.

  2. triangle type craft ive commented on these in various then they disappear some separate some stay triangular shape weird good video never gget too the bottom of these strange bizarre sighting its covered up the public have a right too know what our governments know regarding these crafts seems these craft are elusive as our information from upper echelons .

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