Obama’s inauguration: UFO over Washington Monument 20-Jan-2013

Obama UFO
An aircraft like object with lights seems to materialize out of nowhere over the Washington Monument and evaporate into a ring of blue-ish smoke in a span of less than 10 seconds. This was captured Live on Fox News the night before President Obama’s second Inauguration.

Unidentified flying object or a drone?

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  1. To be perfectly placed at the apex in that way, pretending to be a UFO would mean it would have to be very small indeed! Optically, it's all clearly superimposed. – AND I actually believe there are intelligently controlled UFOs – Take this clip off! -It's as FAKE as they come; PATHETIC in a word!

  2. The bluish color of clouds is the reflective light from D.C. reflecting off low lying clouds the lights are that of a military aircraft as it disappears into the cloud bank. You must remember the major political event happening and the highest level of security. The drones our frequently mistaken for UFO's all over the world. Sorry it is good footage but it is not a UFO my friends.

  3. Sometimes there are certain things that you must not pursue, please forget this ever happened as the time is drawing closer to when all will be revealed, making waves at this point will surely bring forth a negative response for yourself an others please understand this has far reaching consequences just leave it alone.

  4. come on! what a waste of space! to even download this video. insult to ufo believers. even the "what is that?!" comment sounds fake. if you don't already know, the image seen, is those two lights in the tower reacting to the cameras lens when it comes in focus. wow.

  5. The fact that it is the same as the red lights only blue suggests that it is probably a reflection or light distortion of some kind.

  6. I'm curious why is it only you who saw this on tv? Why is it that you just happened to be recording the inaugaration on tv with you video recorder? Your the same person who has UFOTV and posts fake video like this on youtube. We are not that stupid. Get a life!

  7. It happens all the time–these are reflections of other lights in the studio reflecting off the monitors. I see it all the time. It was probably a teleprompter being moved in the studio and being reflected off the monitor. Definitely NOT alien.

  8. MORE obviously fake it could not be! – AND obviously there ARE real UFO's out there, I've seen them like millions have already!

  9. IF this had been seen on Fox News, folks – the entire USA would now be in Civil War!<br />Listen, &quot;Latest UFO Sightings&quot; – Get this stupid footage off your site if you value any credibility for yourselves at all! <br />

    • I&#39;m going to post an updated video of the same footage for you cynical bastards.<br /><br /><br /> Love, <br /> <br /> EdCrapper

  10. Indeed: discard any footage that does not stand up to rule No 3: Any documented observation or documented report that was NOT covered by the national or international news media, and that was not commented by 2 independent university physicists, should be considered a fake and thus not mentioned at this site.<br />

  11. Latest Ufo Sightings…I guess u guys understand that keep publishing this kind of jokes will make the serious ones among your readers stop dropping by the site..or not ?…yes u can keep on not selecting what to publish, u will have audience anyway, but credibility among the researches will be lost..I personally will look elsewhere..

    • I, along with others have been complaining to Latest Ufo Sightings about letting videos like this get thru for awhile now. They don&#39;t want to listen to the &quot;loyal&quot; viewers like us who frequent this site. They would rather go downhill and lose all credability.

    • Glad to hear i m not alone in thinking sometimes..seriously i&#39;d like to set up a website that faces the whole ufo phenomenon from a total new perspective..well, english not my mother language, but i might try anyway..lots of serious researchers and clever people round, not just crazy silly or fanatics…i m from europe, living in russia since 8 yrs and theres so much happening here that most

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