Amazing triangle-shaped UFO in NASA photo

UFO triangleThis triangle shaped UFO is interesting and important because it is actually captured in two photos. This UFO is in the more traditional shape. Given its size relative to Earth is it possible that this triangle shaped UFO is responsible for sightings such as the Phoenix Lights.

STS-61-C was the twenty-fourth mission of NASA’s Space Shuttle program, and the seventh mission of Space Shuttle Columbia. It was the first time that Columbia, the first operational orbiter to be constructed, had flown since STS-9. The mission launched from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center on 12 January 1986, and landed six days later on 18 January.

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nasa UFO

nasa triangle

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  1. The size of the object can be smaller than assumed. It depends on the distance to the camera lense, for example it could be "only" the size of a car if it was just 200ft or so away…

    • So then it's just a smaller ufo, right? All I know is what I see, and it looks a lot like those triangle craft being reported around the world, and if it's in space, the idea that it may be some secret American "blimp" type craft is debunked.

  2. I just wonder two things; how can anyone say the pictures are fake and what do those people who say it is not alien think it is? And I don't know how some statement like this could explain the Phoenix lights can be made either. Assumptions and leaps always seem to be made, stick to the facts, and the trutch shall be revealed….eventually.

  3. If only NASA had called me, or any of a hundred million other people, we could have loaned them a cheap camera capable of taking a photograph that does not make your eyes water trying to discern something out of the fuzzy blur. It amazes me how we all just accept this visual garbage as if it was the best they can do.

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