Orangish UFOs Reported Flying Over Florida’s Sky

On February 9, 2013, a number of residents in Florida reported seeing unidentified flying objects over the sky.

A sighting was reported by a witness residing in Apalachicola to MUFON, the biggest organization in the world that holds annual symposium and a monthly journal relating to UFOs and extraterrestrials.

According to the witness, two bright lights in orange color moved in line at an abnormal speed in northwest. This witness’ partner also came out from the house and also witnessed the strange incident in which the two lights were reportedly moving in even spaces with each other for about 3 to 4 minutes or less.

Public Affairs chief Herman ball for the 325 Fighter Wing confirmed that there was no schedule aircraft flight in the area on the evening of that day.

Moreover, a Carrabelle Beach resident also claimed to have seen similar lights on the day when she and her husband came home to town. In her reported statement, her husband yelled at her to see these unusual lights moving in the night sky.

A similar event was also reported in Tampa on the same evening. A man saw a large-orange ufo elevating above the trees that seem to have been taking off into the sky before another one flew next to it.

This reporting witness added that the ufos became reddish in color as they rose to a distance, travelling west.

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  1. We saw such a orange thing yesterday in Huntingdon,PA. Slow and straight moving to northwest. My first thought was a sky lantern….but who knows.

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