Alaska: Is Mount Hayes A UFO Base?

Mount Hayes, the highest mountain in the eastern Alaska Range, has been speculated to be home to aliens and ufos. In the 1997 book “Remote Viewers,” by Jim Schnabel, the mountain is noted to be house of extraterrestrials’ underground bases.
Schnabel shares the story about how the U.S. Intelligence is involved in the controversial issue of psychic spying that started in the early-to-mid 1970s. He also noted talented remote-viewer Pat Price claiming that aliens were living inside Mount Hayes.
According to Price, aliens in the mountain appeared like humans, differing only in their eyes, lungs, blood and heart. He added that these aliens are using thought transfer for motor control of humans. Moreover, Price stated that Mount Hayes has been causing U.S. and Soviet space objects to malfunction.
Stories about UFO activity in Alaska have also attracted much of the interest of the U.S. military. In fact, there were classified files from Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) about UFO sightings in the state that ranged from 1947 to 1950.
In August 1947, two serving members of the military had a UFO encounter in Anchorage, and both reported the incident to the Office of the Director of Intelligence Headquarters Alaskan Department at Ford Richardson.
The official FBI report showed that the UFO had the shape of a sphere and approximately 2-3 feet in diameter.
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  1. The first three paragraphs regarding remote viewing are hard for me to swallow; the last three have more of a ring of truth about them.

  2. dont accept there is such a thing as remote viewing too confuse joe public i think just think this stories bunkum ufo spin people who havnt much evidence create imaginary bases in high altitude mountains america & russia have got geophysics testing equipement they can penetrate right into those rocky mountains this is just a publicity stunt too sell books dvds false data true ufologists dont

  3. Discount the human side of any of story. Seeing footage of them over major cities and getting the non effort lies like weather balloons and um sun sputtur..ages at night. The blind pride that we would be the only thing in infinity. Cave paintings 25,000+ years ago and equally old toys,statues,figurines. Placement in art from 1300-1700, religious placement from christianity to anything else in art.

    People lie and aren’t deserving benefit of the doubt. Facts don’t and that add up to some watchers. I wouldn’t be shocked if they actually had bases all across the globe or if the moon itself is an artificial base. Highly advanced races with us as far as the record goes back? I couldn’t even imagine the complexity and scale of their operations. They are sure as hell interested in something though but if it was outright conquest none of us long after the first would be born. Not sure if I would attack or talk to one if I met it. Hopefully fear wouldn’t best me because it would likely plaster me on a ceiling and snap my spine on the first aggressive step.

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