Best UFO sightings in March 2013

Compilation of the best UFO sightings made in March 2013. Videos you are about to watch are from Youtube channels EastTexasUFO’s, SeeingUFOsPA, TheJSB007, monplezirvideo, Jessica K, TheNightWatcherSwe, philysteak and Marc Heisenberg.

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  1. The fourth video is something interesting. The rest of the videos are planes, flares, out of focus and horrible camera work. Completley useless. Why don't you just rename this sight Seriously people why post some total bullshit. You just make yourself look like total idiots.

  2. best "out of focus balloons-clouds-drones-airplanes sightings" ever..or, better, "major waist of time sightings" in march, funniest ufo website ha ha..regards, Gio

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