VIDEO: Daytime UFO or orb over Chicago, Illinois 28-Mar-2013

UFO sightings 2013 – This interesting daytime footage of a bright unidentified flying object or sphere hovering in the sky above Chicago in Illinois was recorded on Thursday, 28th March 2013 at 2:45 pm.

Witness report: Watch in 1080. Sorry no edge detection this time. You be the judge. FYI this thing is at least 15,000k feet up and prolly as big as a leer jet. Stayed in same place for a while then disappeared. I try and view thru a small 2 inch view finder and sometimes the object is not as easy to see in the lil screen compared to my eye. Sorry bout the shaky film try to do my best cleaning it up post production. It you are not sure of the angle or need comparison watch a few of my other vids its all from the same angle in my back yard. My Sony CRX 150 is on manual zoom infinity focus. I can make out distinct features of most craft except this. Idk tho…. Seems to look like the same thing I’ve seen multiple times. I am going to dub it the Forest Park Flob, short for this flying blob of energy or mass that seems to have personality and intelligence even tho it is just a flying blob. Some say its angelic, possibly, but if that’s true then there must be numerous remedial lemurs out there too.

Author (guttergawker @ youtube)

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  1. you sure are right about the shaky film. from 1:22 on we see nothing at all. very hard to judge. but this floaty cloud thing is exactly like yesterdays floaty cloud thing from mexico. the 2 are the same thing. wonder what it is? same piece of pollution that made it from mexico to chicago!

  2. I'm no expert on cloud formation but this does not appear to be any cloud I've ever seen and I've seen such orbs a time or two myself. I'm sure they weren't clouds but no solid idea of their origin or intent.

  3. its like casper the friendly ghost or the mexican blanc mange headed too chicagi just need calamity jane too give us her rendition of the windy city lol .

  4. Public surveillance similar to those currently used in Afghanistan, Mexico, and lots of other places by "security" mercinaries, rebels, smugglers, and ameteurs of every kind, including private investigators spying on your neighbors and mine. Low budget drone from a party store and radio shack.

  5. These blobs have been "seen multiple times" by you , then why haven't you set up a tripod or something to stabilise the image, at least. No reference perspective either, seems like that blob does have some intelligence, at least a lot more than the twit holding the camera !

  6. I hear that if you focus on a small cloud and turn your camera around and around it will appear like the cloud is "morphing", and since the background is uniform, you can't detect the camera's motion, but it's very hard to keep the cloud in frame this way, lol.

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