UFOs Seen Over Michigan

A man from Franklin, Michigan reported to have witnessed a series of unidentified flying objects moving west to east while emitting a humming sound, according to a testimony from the Mutual UFO Network  witness reporting database filed on March 29, 2013.

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According to the witness’ testimony, a series of huge triangular objects were rumbling for about 10 minutes before he moved to a window only to witness what he thought to be the most unforgettable experience of his life. These UFOs had lights on five points each.

This man added that not all UFOs were triangular in shape. Some appeared in smaller circular shape with amber color and small lights.

However, no only this man saw similar lights over the sky. In fact, many from the Detroit/southeast Michigan had also called phone the television and newspapers about the incident.

The witness said he is sure that what he saw were something extraordinary and that he had never seen like them before in his existence on Earth.

The village of Franklin is located in Oakland County, Michigan. This has a population of 3,150.

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  1. new american technology folks very advanced since 2nd world war not ets but military & airforce testing these traiongular craft & smaller ufo type craft also dont be scared embrace this new type of engineering .

    • we have to embrace it because the technology comes from the ET's themselves. we've advanced way too fast and way too much since the second world war without someone's help.it's not just humans getting smarter.

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