Former Alaskan Senator Claims Government Confirms UFO

The government has indirectly confirmed its conspiracy on UFOs and aliens. This was what the former U.S. Senator from Alaska said in an interview, following the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure event at the National Press Club last Week.

Mike Gravel said that the top government officials have been lying to the public when asked about UFO incidents and national security when Air Force nuclear missile launch officers made their statements. He made it clear that he is sure that what retired Captains Bruch Fenstermacher, David Schindele and Robert Salas as well as former Security Policeman Sgt. David Scott revealed during the convention only showed the government has been hiding important about extraterrestrials and the so-called unidentified flying machines.

Captain Salas was the co-host of the press conference “UFOs and Nukes” with researcher Robert Hastings during which ongoing UFO activity at nuclear sites of the U.S. during Cold War was revealed by seven AF veterans.
Hastings has interviewed hundreds of veterans in the U.S. Military about their involved in UFO cases and nuclear sites over the years.
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  1. In 1954-55 my father worked at the nuclear plant in Kentucky as a pipe fitter…top secret clearance required. We picked him up from work each night. It was constant seeing the UFO's all the time. Many people, mostly children were abducted and implanted. As a point of interest..abductions were usually near water. People in Kentucky and Southern ILL, and Ind. talked about the objects all the

  2. well, it should be obvious to anyone who follows the subject that governments (specially the US government) have not only LIED about UFO's and alien contact but have murdered people to keep a lid on the truth, this is probably one reason they don't want to admit the truth now, how many of them would end up in prison or the electric chair for their crimes.

  3. For all of their good works protecting us, can we not be certain that our elders love us?<br /><br />Did God our Father not create us to live in peace with one another? Are we waking to how powerful the issue of money is? Nuclear waste and nuclear bombs: Can we ask, &quot;After what they&#39;ve done with the issue of money, Why is bourse still in the hands of the banker club?&quot;

  4. Our U.S. Government sold us down the river. It started with President Eisenhower.When he was told about area 51 and two live Aliens, he decided to keep it from the public [MJ-12].The Oil Companies have sold us down the river.Through the years they bought [almost] all the new energy patents.Now we have to realize permanent damage has been done to our planet, that may never be reversed.The Ozone

  5. It&#39;s about f&#39;n time , but hopefully not too late to allow regular &quot;Earthlings&quot; a chance to negotiate some workable solution for the masses &amp; them. I hope we even have a shot at compatability, but probably, sad but most likely true, we have already been sold &quot;up the river&quot;. I personally think they have always been here, but UNDER WATER. HELLO! We have most of our

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