Former Lawmakers Hear Testimony on UFOs

Has the U.S. government been honest with the public about UFOs? A panel of six former members of Congress is getting an earful in Washington this week about UFO incidents and government secrecy.

All this week, the panel of former Congressmembers is hearing from military and intelligence officials, and historians and scientists about all aspects of the UFO enigma. The organizers hope the citizens’ hearing on disclosure adds an element of legitimacy to the UFO discussion and perhaps lead to lifting the veil of secrecy.

“There is no doubt we are being visited,” Dr. Edgar Mitchell said.

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  1. Why don't we as citizens of the USA demand public hearings with our elected legislative bodies, (The people who enact the laws)and make them testify under oath, what the government knows with regards to extraterrestrial presence on the Earth? By doing this you get straight answers or senators/representatives that by lying are committing perjury.

    • Elected officials didn't know about the Iran-Contra affair, and it's likely that most don't know about government involvement in UFOs either. Hard to get the "shadow government" before congress when we really don't know who's pulling the strings.

  2. We have been trying to contact alien life for years now,SETE. Now that they are here why be afraid of them? They have been visiting earth for centuries. Hell Jesus even left in a ufo.

  3. Thank you, [Ch 8 News],George Knapp!((Mr. George Knapp, I have admired your work for over twenty years!Thank you for pursuing the truth about a large array of hushed U.F.O./Alien agenda information.)I have a place in my heart for the top professionals that have [recently] broke their silence about working with Aliens! They worked on American Made reproductions of real Extra-Terrestrial flying

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