Open Meeting To Present Comprehensive Information About UFO Research and Ongoing Investigations

Every person in the world have their own hobbies or special interests. Some collect stamps, stickers or action figures. Others really love to plaster their vehicles with baubles and many other unique special interests. However, there are plenty of Americans who cause sceptics to raise eyebrows or express mocking opinions.

Among those people who are very hot to sceptics are the extra-terrestrial believers or people who believe in government conspiracies on the existence of UFOs.

UFO and extra-terrestrial related topics more often considered as science fiction rather than a science. Despite of this fact, members of the Mutual UFO Network, one of the largest UFO organizations in the world, are trying to convince sceptics by going into a classic scientific method of collecting data, research and investigation of UFO-related events.

On Saturday, June 8, 2013, director of the science review board for MUFON, Robert Powell, will conduct a live presentation via Skype through the sponsorship of the network.

The open meeting is hoping to give additional knowledge to both believers and curiosity-seekers about UFO research and ongoing investigations. It will be held at Greenbrier Restaurant located at 27028 Old Highway of Limestone County (Alabama) from 11:30 AM – 1PM.

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  1. Showing up after the sighting of an airborne object is not "investigating". It takes setting up observation post like Hessdalen with electro-magnetic measuring/recording equipment, various spectrum cams and portable radar. Preferably a mobile trailer unit with generator/battery banks that enable it to move closer to areas with activity observed/detected so that spectrometers can

    • i know i couldn't believe it when i saw a person on this site asking for money to support his equipment! i thought how tacky and totally out of perspective it was! it was his pure luck to capture a ufo and film it, no need to ask the masses to support him. i would support his capture but not his costs. how ironic indeed.

  2. Alabama may be a pick-up ride for some folks but I am in British Columbia. I have been collecting data and pics. Most skeptics cannot be influenced as thier minds cannot reassess any previous misinformation they already input into thier memorys. To reprocess years of conditioning of religion for example, you cannot teach them that religion was brought by aliens with blue beards that they "

    • skeptics are only the people who have not seen actual ufos, like you and i have. (4 so far..) i think people really want to believe, but can't because for some reason religion gets in the way. i don't put down anyone's religious views but they need to open up a little, yes?

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