Coming Soon: Maury Island UFO Incident Movie

The shooting for short film about the 1947 Maury Island UFO incident was recently wrapped by a production crew.

According to the filmmakers, the short film is based on the declassified documents directly from FBI about the UFO sighting of Harold Dahl on June 21, 1947 near Maury Island and the first ‘man in black’ report on the day after. The conducted investigation resulted to a crash of a B-25 which carried a slag evidence from the encounter. The mysterious crash resulted to the death of Capt. William Davidson and Lt. Frank Brown. This case reached to FBI Executive Director J. Edgar Hoover, who had personal interest in it.

The film is now ready for edit. It will then be assembled into the final product. The filmmakers plan to include the short film into different film festivals. They also hope that the film could increase interest of doing a feature film or television series about the event.

The film is produced and directed by Scott Schaefer, recipient of multiple Emmy Awards for his writing work on various shows such as Bill Nye the Science Guy. He already directed multi-awarded TV shows in his twenty-seven years working in television such as America’s Funniest People and The Arsenio Hall Show.

The short film about UFO encounter is planned to premiere by the end of 2013.

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  1. Its funny how you say that molten metal hit the boat ,killed the dog and broke the kids arm. How come that wasnt investigated ? Was the kids arm burnt? was the boat burnt ? and where is the debri that hit the boat ? Very poor investigation, which leads me to believe this is FAKE again.

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