Unidentified flying object flying across Linköping, Sweden 4-Aug-2013

This UFO was recorded in the sky above Linköping, Sweden on 4th August 2013. Recorded with Sony Handycam CCD-TRV78E with IR mod.

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  1. Why does the shaking of the object always start when zooming in on it. It appears to be a, Quad copter or drone, but hard to tell with all the shaking going on during zoom shots, as if the photographer doesn't want us to know this was a Drone or Quad copter.

  2. interesting but it would be better if you could hold the camera more still you would never make a motion picture filming

    • Could the appearance of this spacecraft be a &quot;MARKING&quot; by our elders to indicate that there is something in these areas that we should take notice of?<br /><br />What location in Maine was the craft at that you sighted? Could there be a link between that location and the sighting in Linkoping, Sweden? <br /><br />Are we making a connection with the deadly technology of nuclear weaponry

  3. I constantly see things like this video almost every night some are satellite&#39;s but other zig zag n every direction and the speeds are unlike regular planes, I know I will never b believed but If I look up at night I am most likely see a orb, my point is that I don&#39;t look up a much anymore. northern Montana near the Canadian boarder

    • i believe you. if you are seeing orbs you should report them. see what happens after that, if your sightings suddenly stop. (or increase) keep looking up anyways. (Alberta or Saskatchewan?)

  4. I recorded this sighting.Just wanted to say that this one did not have any sound and was flying very low in a popoulated area and just before I saw it I recorded a orb that was flying in the oppsite direction.Check my youtube channel to see that one.Before I started to record I noticed that this one looked like an airplane because I saw the wings but when I finally got my camcorder up and running

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