Alien Mysteries S01E05 – Buck’s County UFO

When her dog’s frantic barking wakes her up in the middle of the night in 2008, Buck’s County resident Denise Murter fears an intruder has entered her house.

A backyard check reveals something much more exceptional – a large spaceship hovers nearby with the capacity to vanish instantly. Against her husband’s wishes, Denise reports the sighting to the Mutual UFO Network and learns someone else in the area saw a similar craft. Weeks later, the ship returns to Denise’s backyard and she manages to capture physical evidence. When Denise reports a third sighting, this one even more spectacular than the others, the community mocks her story and investigators start to doubt her credibility. That is, until an incredible witness surfaces with a firsthand account that helps prove Denise is telling the truth.

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  1. I think I should find it strange that these evente so frequently happen ina nad around inhabited areas, but I don't. Wether, it's extra,inter or simply terrestrial, I would suggest, they desire an audience. They have to be aware of the attention they garner and frequently appear to go out of their way to get it. If more people paid closer attention to their environment I feel we would

    • I don&#39;t think they are trying to hide or trying to be seen…I think they simply don&#39;t care one way or the other. They see us as we would view, perhaps, Gorillas, and feel no need to alter their mission because of our knowledge of them.<br /><br />Dr. Jacobs of Harvard University, who studied alien abductions for years until he was struck by a vehicle and killed while walking home one

  2. I believe this one.I also live in and my wife saw in glidder stuff fall from the sky about 2 years ago about 2pm on a clear sunny day.Saw no UFO.I live 1,000 feet from Florida power supply lines.It could have been crap out of the chem trails also.GDM.Wellborn.

  3. i totally believe denises story * jareds too many sightings of the 1st 2nd 3rd &amp; 4 th kind reported since 50 s until the present day scientists try too debunk these experiences as nonsense look at the hard evidence its always overwhelming great video very enjoyable honest .

    • Of course she is telling the truth. Only a crazy person would subject themselves to a public mocking for no reason. That is how these creatures operate. They count on the fact that most people don&#39;t want to be ridiculed by their friends and family. They use hypnosis to keep abductees in a fog so they can&#39;t clearly discern what is happening and speak out about it.

    • I know this site is called &quot;Latest UFO Sightings&quot; and so sightings are what is reported, but most people that are on this site already know they exist. Shouldn&#39;t we be addressing the &quot;why&quot; and &quot;what for&quot;? They are an advanced civilization but &quot;advanced&quot; doesn&#39;t necessarily mean &quot;benign.&quot;<br /><br />The truth and what we would want the

  4. I think one of the previous posts is correct, These being&#39;s seem to observe us as we would Zoo animals so I really cannot see them considering us a any sort of threat so maybe we really are just a side show to them Or a means for them to get there reproduction organs back. Hell look at how many people are walking around with pig valves to stay alive. We don&#39;t go down to the local farm and

  5. All this takes place in her area and she is the only one to get a movie made of it, now she will write a book and tell us all about her visits with ET, just a way to make some money and send her kids to collage, when will we learn if there is no proof its all fiction (not even a good photo and they came back three times- WOW!) ET must come to our world for a site seeing vacation now and then he

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