The Mysterious UFO Secrets

An American UFO enthusiast says he believes US government is working with extra-terrestrials in an underground facility.

San Diego, California resident Mike Orrell contacted Welwyn Hatfield Times after reading the online article of chief reporter Paul Christian about the move of Janice Sharp to write a book about her effort to stop the extradition against her son Gary McKinnon, who is known as a UFO hacker.

Computers of Pentagon and NASA were hacked by Mr McKinnon who also looked for proof of unidentified flying objects.

Fifty-six years old Mr Orrell told Welwyn Hatfield Times that he likes to see what Gary discovered in those government files.

When he was asked what classified information that the two departments of the country might be hiding, he said information came to him that Gary discovered evidence about UFOs being captured by the US government, which had allegedly working with aliens in an underground facility.

Mr Orrell further claimed that he also experienced unexplained phenomena and sent the online journal with a group of UFOs that he captured in photos in San Diego in 1990, dubbed ‘The Inaja Formation.’

The scenario can be likened to the popular television show ‘The X Files,’ which is known for its famous tagline ‘the truth is out there.’

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  1. soon Mars 2% water in soil sample. we will now return. moon for a base then home Mars. not our original home but home for a long, long time.

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