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Your UFO reports: 29th September –  5th October 2013
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Fresno, California – 5-Oct-2013
4pm object very high hand bright. i lost sight of this object after about 15 min. clear calm day.
Youtube video link:

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Mauritius – 30.08.2013 as from 9pm to 1am
This was seen moving in the sky of Mauritius, Indian Ocean, on the 30th of August 2013 between 9pm to 01am till it disappeared. We don’t have any sort of astrophysicist or Scientific astronomers who could have explained this shiny object “Boule Lumineuse” as they called it.
Only one photo was available and it was even used for posting on the local newspaper.

Newspaper site :

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Antwer, Belgium – September 30th 23:45h
Awesome UFO sighting, very close by.
Great footage and enhanced with slow motion and still shots
Filmed in Antwerp, Belgium
September 30th 2013

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Limasoll, Cyprus – 29/Sep/2013
This amazing sighting shows a perfect white ball of light moving over the town of Limasoll in Cyprus, The object is emitting its own light source of energy which is not flames but actual light and lanterns can clearly be scrubbed out and so can many many other airborne objects. Whitness statement: As i was walking around my neighborhood on September 27th 2013 i saw this strange light hovering on the sky which also changed colors to green. At first i thought it was a plane but as it got closer this thing was quite big and was hovering on the sky for about an hour and 5 minutes

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Polokwane Limpopo, South Africa – 20:00pm 29 september 2013
we saw a bright light moving in the sky above Polokwane South Africa then it stopped and stayed in one place for a long time. we looked at it through binoculars and it was not in the outer atmosphere it looked like it was inside the earths atmosphere.
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Tempe, AZ. 115 w broadway rd. – 9/5/2013, 8:21 pm
Tube shaped object flying very high. Dim orange color. Flying in circles, then darting extremely fast and then moving in sharp arch motions. Started in Northern sky and moved south, being just east of our location in air. It disappeared. 3 of us saw it and we can not explain it. Neither of us has seen one before. Felt lucky and speechless.

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Wilson, NC – August 16,2013, 8-8:30PM
I was driving home on August 16,2013 and saw some unusual looking clouds so I stopped my car to take a picture. I was in the left turn lane at the intersection of Hwy 58S and US 264 Alternate just outside of Wilson,NC. I put my arm out of my car window and took the picture of the clouds with my cellphone and then put my phone in my purse and drove on home. When I got home and looked at the picture there was what looked like a UFO in the picture in the upper right hand corner. I did not see this in the sky before I took the picture.

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London – 17th Aug 2013
New amazing footage from packed London UK!! This amazing footage was taken from a security camera in London city and shows what appears to be snowfall before an almighty Light Show from inside a cloud, This is the fourth Storm UFO thats hidden inside clouds this past 3 months with UFODI reportings! We can scrub out lightning as there is no reported lightning of this sort (ANYWHERE) online or on the news! We would like to hear from anyone who witnessed this weird event!

Youtube video link:

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Myrtle beach, South Carolina – May 2010 and may 2011
First year I saw the same orange lights, I was in my back yard and the appeared at the end of the lake in a line. I thought it was a low flying airplane. Then one at a time thy blinked out and reappeared to the far right of the sky. I screamed for my wife we ran to the front of the house too see them but they weren’t there. What we did see was way up in the sky looked like a formation of stars, about 50 of them, blinking extremely fast and moving in formation across the sky. That was the weirdest thing I ever saw. The next year I saw two stars like the blinking ones moving In a straight pattern slot. They then stopped and quickly went the opposite direction and disappeared. I am not crazy. Actually I am a senior physical therapist with one of the hospitals

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