UFOs hovering above Quebec, Canada 24-Oct-2013

Latest UFO sightings – These unidentified flying objects were seen and filmed in the night sky above Quebec, a province in east-central Canada. This was taken on Thursday, 24th October 2013.

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  1. This is a pretty good video. Not spectacular, since what was captured was just your ordinary, pedestrian white orb UFOs. Yet video quality was absolutely excellent. I recently spent a couple of hundred on a new Samsung video cam, hoping I could capture vids of the UFOs I've been seeing. I can't even get a clear image of an airplane passing overhead in daylight, nor can I capture any

  2. Je veux pas détruire ta bulle, c&#39;est possible que t&#39;es vue quelque chose d&#39;ors de ce monde, mais parce que tu roulais en voiture tu ne peux pas constater si les objets étaient réellement en mouvement ou pas. On est à Montréal, donc il est vraisemblablement possible que ce soit des avions en attentent d&#39;atterrissage. <br />Bon vidéo tout de même.<br />Ciao

  3. i see you&#39;re in mirabel approaching laval, which means you&#39;re on the 15 and these orbs are to the south and moving east. you are so lucky to have seen them, cause i did not!! guess they passed right over the south shore, and i missed them.

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