Russian Navy Declassified Documents: Underwater UFOs and Aliens

UFOs coming in and out of the water do not get much attention as compared to the usual UFOs that frequently reported hovering in the sky and going up in an amazing speed before completely disappearing.

According to the report by Svobodnaya Pressa website, the Russian navy declassified documents showing records of encounters with UFOs that apparently more advanced than any terrestrial objects.

The records, which were reportedly compiled by a special group of navy, chronologically mentioned reports of unexplained incidents encountered by military ships and submarines dating back to soviet times. The website says that the navy group was spearheaded by Admiral Nikolay Smirnov, deputy navy commander.

Notable Russian UFO researcher and former navy officer Vladimir Azhazha says that the records reveal various UFO encounters in which 50% are connected with oceans and 15% with lakes. With these numbers, it is evident that UFOs tend to stick to the water, says Azhazha.

Deepest Part of the Ocean

In one occasion, six unknown objects were detected by a nuclear submarine while in a combat mission in the Pacific Ocean. The unknown objects chased the submarine but the crew failed to leave behind them. So, the captain ordered the crew to surface but the objects followed suit. To the submarine crew amazement, the objects went to the air and flew away.

Former submarine commander Rear Admiral Yury Beketov recalls that Bermuda Triangle is the place where many mysterious events happened such as instrument malfunctions without obvious reasons. Beketov believes that such mysterious event could be a deliberate tactic of UFOs to disrupt navy crew.

Beketov further reveals that instruments detected material objects moving very fast on several occasions. On their calculations, they were moving about 230 knots. He notes that it is difficult to travel so fast with water resistance. He suspects that the objects were created by someone who is more advanced than human being.

Captain Igor Barklay, a navy intelligence veteran, says that ocean UFOs usually can be observed wherever their fleets or NATO’s fleets are concentrating such as in the deepest part of Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and Bermuda Triangle.

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal in Russia is the world’s deepest fresh water and popular among fishermen around the area as the place where UFO encounters take place. Fishermen reported strong lights from deep and objects zooming up from the water.

Richard French

US Air Force veteran for 29 years, Lt. Col. Richard French, shared his UFO encounter during the Citizen Hearing On Disclosure. According to him, he saw a UFO underwater with unknown beings working around the ship.

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  1. I do believe there here and have been for a very long time. What I don't understand is why they don't announce themselves. Just too many sightings all around the world not to be here.

    • you may not agree with me, but I believe is because we are the only planet in the universe that have fallen into sin, they (the other worlds beings) are not supposed to get in contact with us fallen humans until Christ comes again and transform us (the saved ones) into a incorruptible body and into perfection again. <br />So my take on this is that, they are visiting us to see really what has

  2. I guess that is very difficult to decide which is the best approach to an underdeveloped backward society, just study it and try understand the biology of those beings might be an approach, and sure don&#39;t give that society knowledge or tools they won&#39;t be able to handle &#39;cos way too sophisticated for them

  3. They created us to build for them , they come and go as they please , all the time , in plain sight.<br /> Some stories you have heard are true , most are not. We only know what they want us to know , when they want us to know it.

  4. The Anunnaki created us to mine gold for their atmosphere, but they cut off our access to the full potential of our brains, they wanted a race of workers who were smart enough to follow orders but weren&#39;t as smart as them, so when they created our DNA they blocked off most of our brains, this is why we can only access around 10-15% of it.

  5. I think they know that we&#39;re far from ready to accept an alien race. It would be amazing if they could suddenly appear, and all the warring factions of the world would put down their weapons or be destroyed.

  6. Remarkable things here. I’m very happy to
    peer your article. Thanks so much and I am having a look ahead to
    touch you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

  7. Some really amazing views here.As we don’t really know what UFOs are or if anything /anyone pilots, them speculation is easy.
    I would think we are as plants are to us. Some beautiful, some not, but no big deal if we walk on them or mow them under. I’m too cynical to think they are our Salvation or loving Space Brothers, to me, whatever they are,they hold us in contempt. Or to be more charitable perhaps we are beyond their spectrum and they just don’t see us. I’ts so interesting to speculate.

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  9. i honestly believe in aliens. it is selfish to think that after “the big bang” there is only one planet in the infinite universe to support life, i think that extraterrestrials walk among us, no big deal, infact i hope they do. nobody knows for sure though so if no one else can; i will prove to the world that there is more than the government lets us believe.

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