Possible UFO seen and recorded over Gold Coast, Australia 12-Jan-2014

Australia UFOs

Strange lights were captures over the Gold Coast, a coastal city in southeastern Queensland on the east coast of Australia on 12th January 2014.

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  1. Video would have been better to make an analysis. With so many faked photos now days, this could have been an RC craft with neon LCD lights and photos taken w/long exposure. That would give it is rod appearance and the streaking you see. Also leery that most of the photos are on shore and a couple just off shore. Certainly with-in range of a larger RC toy. Cameras as well as phones have video

  2. ok first… if you want anyone to take you serious, STOP ADDING MUSIC !!!!! PERIOD ! We don&#39;t need some sort of power-point, youtube presentation, wannabe music video bs. Most of us here are very serious and professional. We wish to examine evidence, discuss it, and hope for the best.<br />The more people that visit this site, the better chances we get for more awesome video, pics, and

    • You don&#39;t need an internet connection to capture video with a webcam, any video software could do it, the camera must have come with it&#39;s own software.

  3. its a mirage night time illumination of some sort ? its not the normal type ufo video .a video wouldve sufficed or as stated a fake .

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